Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Sixteen-year-old Amal makes the decision to start wearing the hijab full- time and everyone has a reaction. Her parents, her teachers, her friends, people on the street. But she stands by her decision to embrace her faith and all that it is, even if it does make her a little different from everyone else.

Can she handle the taunts of "towel head," the prejudice of her classmates, and still attract the cutest boy in school? Brilliantly funny and poignant, Randa Abdel-Fattah's debut novel will strike a chord in all teenage readers, no matter what their beliefs.

I'm not quite sure why I grabbed this from the library. I was browsing the online catalog and threw it in my hold queue. And wow, I'm so glad I did. Picked it up this afternoon and finished it this evening while watching the UND/UNH hockey game (we split). I just really loved this book. Anyways, there are plenty of other reviews out there that are way more articulate than I can be, but I do really recommend this book.


I have a cold. Which, since I work in retail, has probably not endeared me to my coworkers as it is the week before Christmas.

I also have a new cat. His name is now Tux. He's quite cute.

Let's see....I've also read quite a few books lately. Hmmm, here are the ones that I remember.

The Greek Billionaire's Baby Revenge by Jennie Lucas
The Angel and the Outlaw by Kathryn Albright
The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty
Soul Song by Marjorie Liu
The Last Twilight by Marjorie Liu
Snowbound by Janice Kay Johnson
Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole
Atlantis Awakening by Alyssa Day
Elemental Magic anthology
Reader and Raelynx by Sharon Shinn
Crocodile on the Bank by Elizabeth Peters
Tall, Dark, and Dead by Tate Halloway
Pretending You Care: The Retail Employee Handbook by Norm Feuti

DNFs were Overhexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson
My Fair Mistress by Tracy Anne Warren
Death by Sudoku by Kaye Morgan
Faux Finished by Peg Marberg
On the Slam by Honor Hartman

I think I'm missing some, too. I know I won't have time to write up about all of these, so anyone want any in particular?

I'm alive, really!

Yes, I am still around. Even been reading lots and lots. Have forgotten to keep track, though. Oops.

Here are some pictures of our recent ice storm for your viewing pleasure.