Crap, it's been awhile

Oops, haven't posted in awhile! Twitter and Myspace get addictive, I guess. And all this political stuff. So I'm online, just not here.

I have been reading, as usual.

Read Skinned by RObin Wasserman and was underwhelmed. It seemed to want to make a political message and what-ifs in kinda post-apocalyptic/major disaster world, but it left more questions than anything. And it also was about the nature of humans and the soul, etc. But I just wasn't feeling it. but maybe I'll read a sequel.

Books galore

So Sybil got me thinking about all the books in my house. And so, in a burst of crazy inspiration, I decided to snap photos of all of the piles and shelves of books. And so, here you are:

This is all the various piles of books around the house. I think I got them all.

For art and Harry Potter Fans

Starting on November 1st, there is going to be a Mary GrandPré exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. She's the artist for the Harry Potter books. She will also be there on Nov. 2 to sign books and do a gallery walk. Sounds cool.

Oooooh...I hate you Tor!!!

Book CoverSo, I read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson earlier this week. Finished it last night, in fact. And looooved it. So of course I go looking for the ebook of the second book, Well of Ascension.
Book Cover

Oh, it's only available in one place, at BooksonBoard? And only in secure Mobipocket? And supposedly the ebook is $14 with discounts bringing it down to $7.99, which happens to be the price of the mass market paperback that it's available as?

I'm pretty frickin' mad right now. I got the first book as a freebie for Tor's new site and now you tell me I can't get an ebook of the second book? You suck, Tor.

Anyways, Mistborn, or rather The Final Empire as is supposedly the title (someone needs to tell the cover people that the series title gets the small print, not the actual book title), is really awesome.

New word of the day: Pilomatrixoma

The word of the day is: Pilomatrixoma.

otherwise known as what that strange lump on my leg was. No matter that kids are the ones who usually get them or that they're usually not on one's leg. Or that Wedmd didn't have ANYTHING on it. Yeesh. Oh well, it was benign. Yay.

I've got a nifty scar there now. The stitches came out yesterday and everything looks fine, though the doctor said there's a bit more puckering of the skin than she'd hoped for. Oh well. Doesn't bother me.

Spending time with Nick

Since Nick's been working so hard lately, he asked to take a half day today and spend the afternoon with me. It was a nice change to be able to see him on a weekday afternoon. We went to check out the Silver Spider in Mt. Vernon where I picked up a cute change purse (thanks Adriana). Then we headed out to Westdale for a bit and came home and just spent some relaxing time together. Nice and low-key.

I also got my allergy shots this morning and so my upper arms are not feeling so hot. The welting was a bit worse this time than the last couple times. No idea why as I think I'm on the same strength. Leg doesn't hurt when I walk now, but beware bumping it! That can be quite painful. So I still have to be careful of it, especially now that I'm not always thinking about it.

Made ham and potato soup for supper and added some artisan bread I grabbed at Hy-Vee. Very yummy and fitting for this rainy day.

Also checked out End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacharias from the library. Nick's reading it right now and says it isn't providing much of an argument. It's supposed to be a rebuttal to Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation (which I quite enjoyed). From the back cover: "Dr. Zacharias exposes “the utter bankruptcy of this worldview.”" Riiiiiiiight. I really am trying to get both sides of the issue here.

Now I'm off to make some peanut butter cookies and then watch the debate.

Very familiar.....

Amazon wishlist wishes

Why can't I search by date? Like give me a list of all the books on my list that are out this month? Or at the very least show me the damn date on the list. Hmph.

Religulous and stuff

Well, saw Religulous on Friday and loved it. But not really a movie that I can crow about too much as I'm sure it would offend a great number of people. I did like the end where it implored agnostics/atheist to stand up and make their voices heard.

My leg is better and I made it through work with not much trouble. I had a few twinges of pain. I can't believe these stitches have to stay in until the 16th. Good thing it's cooler out as I doubt this bandage would be much fun in heat. No oozing, which is good. I've actually never had stitches, so I find looking at it when changing bandages to be very cool. Apparently the divot that I will have there will eventually fill in. But no more lump, one would hope. I forgot to ask when the results of it will be in. If nothing else, I'll ask when I see the doc to have the stitches out.

Work went well today. Went by pretty fast. The new person seems to be getting the register quickly, thank goodness.

Went out to Fiesta del Sol with friends last night. Hadn't seen them since the Flood. It was great to chat with them and I really need to work on seeing them more often. Particularly Amy. I miss seeing her as much as I used to.

My leg hurts

My leg hurts
So I had my excision scheduled for this morning. Got a lump removed from my leg. It's been there awhile with no problems, but I just finally decided to get it removed.

Oh my goodness did the shots of Lidocaine (or whatever it was) hurt. I can handle pain quite well, but these hurt! At least I didn't feel them digging out whatever it is. it's being sent to a lab for analysis. The doctor really wasn't quite sure what it was other than it wasn't quite like a subcutaneous cyst. Blech. And now the stuff they shot into my leg for pain is wearing off and it's starting to hurt. Ouch. So my leg hurts lots. The stitches have to stay in for two weeks and remained covered for the first week. Ugh. It looks rather ugly at the moment. I will spare you pictures, but I really was tempted to take a post some. :-)

Also been meaning to sew a new cover for one of our chairs, but didn't get to it today. Just didn't feel like it. Did buy one of these for my laptop, though. I got it in the chocolate brown. It's nice.