Religulous and stuff

Well, saw Religulous on Friday and loved it. But not really a movie that I can crow about too much as I'm sure it would offend a great number of people. I did like the end where it implored agnostics/atheist to stand up and make their voices heard.

My leg is better and I made it through work with not much trouble. I had a few twinges of pain. I can't believe these stitches have to stay in until the 16th. Good thing it's cooler out as I doubt this bandage would be much fun in heat. No oozing, which is good. I've actually never had stitches, so I find looking at it when changing bandages to be very cool. Apparently the divot that I will have there will eventually fill in. But no more lump, one would hope. I forgot to ask when the results of it will be in. If nothing else, I'll ask when I see the doc to have the stitches out.

Work went well today. Went by pretty fast. The new person seems to be getting the register quickly, thank goodness.

Went out to Fiesta del Sol with friends last night. Hadn't seen them since the Flood. It was great to chat with them and I really need to work on seeing them more often. Particularly Amy. I miss seeing her as much as I used to.

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