My cat does love a sick woman

Especially since she camps out on the basement couch with the heated throw. I had Tux by my side all day. He wasn't moving. I really hate to get sick, but I have a tendency to do it a lot. But I really didn't want to sneeze and cough all over customers today or yesterday. I suppose my manager won't see it that way, but what can I do? Just suck it up, I guess. I did read a bunch in between napping. And I do think I'll feel well enough to head in tomorrow. I've got my supply of DayQuil to take with me.

Ravenous by Sharon Ashwood

Book Cover

Holly Carver is a small-time witch who busts ghosts for tuition money, but ends up wrangling a demon when a haunted house job goes bad.

Her Undead business associate, Alessandro Caravelli, suspects the demon is somebody's not-so-secret weapon. The supernatural community is at war, and Holly's unpredictable magic holds the key to hell's doorway. Soon Holly is on everyone's "must have" list, and not in a good way.

Alessandro wants her for more than magic. A lover with six centuries of experience, the vampire is walking seduction, but he's also a predator. Every moment he spends guarding Holly, every second he spends falling under her witch's spell, he becomes more and more of a threat himself. As Holly's grandma warns her: vampires are like a box of rich chocolate—they seem so tempting, but over-indulgence is a killer...

I wasn't quite sure if I was going to read this one. The cover makes it look kinda silly, imo. And it's nothing like what Holly actually is. For one thing, she's struggling to make ends meet as the last of her family and trying to get into college.

I liked Holly. She doesn't make stupid mistakes and think she can do more than she can. I also liked that I wasn't quite sure who the hero was going to be. It made for more of an urban fantasy feel and I actually liked that about the story. The world here is interesting and I can't wait to explore it more in future books. It seems like vamps and other supernatural beings have come out recently, but not too recently.

overall, I really enjoyed the book. So bravo to Sharon Ashwood for winning me over.