Winter weather

Well, it was an interesting weekend here. Went to work at 9 on Saturday morning and it wasn't pleasant. Ice like you would not believe coated EVERYTHING. I had Nick drive me to work because I didn't want to deal with it (he was happy cuz he then didn't have to scrape the ice off his car since this one was in the garage). Ended up falling on the ice because the wind was so bad. Didn't hurt anything, though I did start laughing quite loudly.

But the ice was horrible, and it was still raining/sleeting, so things were getting worse. We ended up closing the store early as the weather was supposed to get even worse and we were in a blizzard warning that night.

Luckily, though it was bad Saturday night, it didn't snow as much as was expected and it got above freezing yesterday so lots of the ice melted. Of course now it's going to be icy again this morning, but I don't have far to go for work.

But the storm was bad enough. Wind plus ice is never good. Power lines down in lots of areas and we lost power Saturday night for about an hour. And the internet went down, too, although we had the PCs off and it was back on in the morning.

Have a friend staying with us for a few days since she lives in a more rural area and they don't expect power back on for a couple days (her husband left on a business trip this morning). We were lucky we only lost power for an hour.

Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Lara was kind enough to send this to me and I'm so glad she did! It was quite yummy.

Blurb shamelessly stolen from Lara's site:

In present day Boston, trouble is brewing. Vampires are going Rogue, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. For Lucan Thorne, a Breed warrior of the first generation and the Order's fearsome leader, the battles are just a taste of the carnage to come. A blood war is set to ignite, and he is determined to put it to a swift end. But when a beautiful young photographer gets caught in the crosshairs, her pictures threatening to expose the entire vampire race, Lucan has no choice except to bring her into the dark world he commands.

Title: Kiss of Midnight

Author: Lara Adrian

Year published: 2007

Why I picked up this book: Because it looked good.

Do I like the cover? Yes, I like the yellow and blue. It's nice to see something different with a paranormal cover.

Is this part of a series? Yeppers, that it is.

What I enjoyed about the book: I really liked the world and Adrian's take on vampires. Also, I found that I wasn't annoyed at the main characters as I have been in a few paranormal romances. The angst didn't bother me much. This is good. And the fact that I kinda want to reread the book is a plus. I liked how Gabrielle's connection to the vamp world is played out. And the way that Adrian described Gabrielle's photographs makes me think I can actually visualize them. That's another thing I really noticed about the book, I can definitely visualize scenes as I think back on the book. I just really enjoyed this one and can't wait to read the second. Which is a long, long time from now.

What I didn’t like about the book? The names. Well, nothing really wrong with them, but they were awfully similar to a few other books that involved vampires.

Is this a new-to-me author and would I read something by this author again? New to me author and I'm definitely reading more!

Am I keeping it or passing it on? Keeping it. And will most likely get the print version, too.

Black and white and cute all over

Gambit 001
Originally uploaded by kelley899.
Was looking through my umpteen pictures on my computer and came across this one. I rather like it. Er, yes, that is my foot.

Look who came to dinner

Gambit 598
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This is what happens when Nick leaves the table to get the laundry in the middle of supper. And yes, Gambit did makes moves on that food, but the evil Nicole eye prevented him from actually touching any of it. But he still tried and didn't jump down. So this is the scene Nick came back to.

Little blue sock, little blue sock, oh how I love you...

Bits and pieces and itty bitty chunks

I'm still here. Had the day off. Slept in, brought the car in for an oil change, brought Nick lunch, did some laundry, relaxed, went to the library, SuperTarget, bank...oh, and cleaned a bit. But I did get to relax in there. And read a bit of Chasing Stanley by Diedre Martin while waiting for the car.

I really need to get some posts up about books I've read. Ones like Ghost, Interrupted by Sonia Singh, Feral by Nathalie Gray, Lara Adrian's book, Nalini Singh's book (actually, that one I'm just waiting until closer to the time it comes out), hmmm...blanking on what else.

How is everyone? I've been so bad about blogging lately that I'm surprised anyone is still visiting! I need to change that. Er, anyone hear the rumor that Nora Roberts uses ghostwriters? Heard it from one customer the other week. She was quite firm about it.

oh, I did get my rings back from being resized, too (almost two full sizes down). I was feeling pretty naked without them. They haven't been this shiny in ages.

Innocent in Death by J.D. Robb

Yup, already finished this one up. And boy was it good. We actually got some real tension in Roarke and Eve's marriage, but since this is ultimately a romance, they are just stronger in the end for it (come on, you knew that going in). But wow, it's good.

The storyline this time has a well-liked teacher at an expensive private school murdered with poison. Eve has to figure out who on earth would want to kill a man who really does seem to be just an ordinary man.

But added into the fray is the appearance of Magdelena, a woman who left Roarke over a decade ago. She's everything Eve is not, someone who travels with ease through Roarke's world and is a stunning woman, to boot.

It was great to see how Eve and Roarke handle everything (and mishandle). It's the first real trouble they've had in their marriage as far as I can remember. Anyways, if you're a Robb fan, you have to read this one. And the killer....freaky. Although I did figure out who it was early on, just because that was the freakiest thing Robb could do.

I'm alive!!!!

Ah, it's good to not be sick. But, beccause I missed so many days being sick, we postponed our hotel trip. I'm still determined to go there someday, though.

But we still have today as a vacation day, so we've decided to head to Dubuque for the day. See the Mississippi River Aquarium, Mines of Spain, casino, and Borders. Hey, there are no Borders anywhere near here.

Plan to bring the camera and take pictures.

Oh, and we bought a new vacuum cleaner. We're such exciting people! But hey, it's one powerful vac and it was fun to clean the whole apartment last night with it.

In other news....books read:

White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz, Tell Me Your Secrets by Cara Summers, Private Confessions by Lori Borrill, Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold, Nip, Tuck, Dead by Lori Avocato, The Chosen by Alex Archer, and Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi. I think that's everything, but I could be wrong. Oh, Relentless by Jo Leigh.

And everything was quite good, too. I've been on a roll with the good books.

2007 is really not going well

I'm sick. AGAIN. Yes. And now it's not some damn cold or ear infection. Started yesterday afternoon at work. Ended up puking and feeling dizzy and sick. Even ended up calling Nick to pick me up because I didn't think I could make it the few minutes home. And got worse last night. Eventually, everthing came up. Really not pleasant. I'm still feeling nauseous, but at least not throwing up.

Oh yeah, AND that time of the month started. So I have cramps AND nausea. And a headache because none of my meds stayed down. I felt so incredibly guilty calling in to work this morning after this past month of stuff on and off, but ooph, I still don't feel well. When will it stop?!? I did feel pretty damn good for about a day. Then this flu-like thing came around and kicked my ass back to the couch. It's a good thing it's a really comfy couch. I slept on it last night. With a garbage can. You know, just in case. Ugh.

I cannot say enough how wonderful Nick has been through all this though. Just wonderful.

It's still here

I'm STILL sick. Now I seem to have an ear infection. Went to the doctor yesterday as I was having nasty shooting pain in my ear periodically and it was feeling like how it did when I had the infection earlier. So they fit me in that afternoon. Doctor looked me over, but wasn't positive it was an infection, but wasn't positive it wasn't. Hmph. Wasn't my normal doctor, either. But he sent me home with two kinds of antibiotics, so he must think SOMETHING is going on. He wasn't real conclusive with anything. I much prefer my regular doctor who likes to state things better.

It could also be my sinuses again, so anyways, the antibiotics should clear whatever it is up. *crosses fingers* All I know is that it hurt. And hurt some more this morning. And big baby that I am with things that make me hurt like that, I stayed home from work. Let me tell you, it hurt! And I'm sore from something else so standing up and sitting down hurt, too. Oooph, I sound pathetic. I am pathetic. I need to stop being sick. Must. Feel. Better.

I'm feeling better now, still not 100%, but better. Resting helps. But gah, I have spent SO much time on the couch this past month it's not funny anymore. Okay, so it was never funny. But man, can't I get better? The ear, the sinuses, the nose, the headache, the whole body aches....I want it all the stop!!!!!! I hate cold season, I really do.

January 2007 Reads

Okay, so I was extraordinarily lax in posting about the books I read in Jaunary. I did get them into a spreadsheet, though. So here they are (in no particular order)

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia Wrede
Searching For Dragons by Patricia Wrede
Calling On Dragons by Patricia Wrede
Talking To Dragons by Patricia Wrede
The Marriage Campaign by Michele Dunaway
Whiskey on the Rocks by Nina Wright
Haunted by Meg Cabot
Who Makes Up These Rules, Anyway? by Stevi Mittman
Ninth Key by Meg Cabot
Reunion by Meg Cabot
Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore
Miranda Blue Calling by Michelle Curry Wright
Airs Beneath the Moon by Toby Bishop
Darkest Hour by Meg Cabot
Twilight by Meg Cabot
Greywalker by Kat Richardson
Match Game by Beverly Brandt
Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
Love Is All You Need by Lori Devoti
The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James
Yule Be Mine by Charlene Teglia
Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

It was a good month. I really enjoyed ALL of the books. Any in particular anyone wants an actual post about? Well, besides the Singh and Adrian books since I will definitely be doing those.