Winter weather

Well, it was an interesting weekend here. Went to work at 9 on Saturday morning and it wasn't pleasant. Ice like you would not believe coated EVERYTHING. I had Nick drive me to work because I didn't want to deal with it (he was happy cuz he then didn't have to scrape the ice off his car since this one was in the garage). Ended up falling on the ice because the wind was so bad. Didn't hurt anything, though I did start laughing quite loudly.

But the ice was horrible, and it was still raining/sleeting, so things were getting worse. We ended up closing the store early as the weather was supposed to get even worse and we were in a blizzard warning that night.

Luckily, though it was bad Saturday night, it didn't snow as much as was expected and it got above freezing yesterday so lots of the ice melted. Of course now it's going to be icy again this morning, but I don't have far to go for work.

But the storm was bad enough. Wind plus ice is never good. Power lines down in lots of areas and we lost power Saturday night for about an hour. And the internet went down, too, although we had the PCs off and it was back on in the morning.

Have a friend staying with us for a few days since she lives in a more rural area and they don't expect power back on for a couple days (her husband left on a business trip this morning). We were lucky we only lost power for an hour.

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Mailyn said...

Yikes! I hate power outages. Especially because when we have them during hurricanes they last weeks. Hope ya'll get it back soon!