It's still here

I'm STILL sick. Now I seem to have an ear infection. Went to the doctor yesterday as I was having nasty shooting pain in my ear periodically and it was feeling like how it did when I had the infection earlier. So they fit me in that afternoon. Doctor looked me over, but wasn't positive it was an infection, but wasn't positive it wasn't. Hmph. Wasn't my normal doctor, either. But he sent me home with two kinds of antibiotics, so he must think SOMETHING is going on. He wasn't real conclusive with anything. I much prefer my regular doctor who likes to state things better.

It could also be my sinuses again, so anyways, the antibiotics should clear whatever it is up. *crosses fingers* All I know is that it hurt. And hurt some more this morning. And big baby that I am with things that make me hurt like that, I stayed home from work. Let me tell you, it hurt! And I'm sore from something else so standing up and sitting down hurt, too. Oooph, I sound pathetic. I am pathetic. I need to stop being sick. Must. Feel. Better.

I'm feeling better now, still not 100%, but better. Resting helps. But gah, I have spent SO much time on the couch this past month it's not funny anymore. Okay, so it was never funny. But man, can't I get better? The ear, the sinuses, the nose, the headache, the whole body aches....I want it all the stop!!!!!! I hate cold season, I really do.

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CindyS said...

I hope these meds kick in then! I am all achy and crap but I think it's my winter blahs - I don't move much because the minus skin freeze weather keeps me indoors and thus, in a chair. No wonder my back, butt, legs and head hurt. Okay, I don't know why I have the head aches but meh. Last weekend I had the oddest pierces of pain in my right ear. I used to have ear infections a lot as a kid so I remember kinda what that was like. The weird stabbing pain was not what I remembered. Since it only lasted a day I didn't do anything about it.

Also, that list of books you read this month! Holy Cow!