Bits and pieces and itty bitty chunks

I'm still here. Had the day off. Slept in, brought the car in for an oil change, brought Nick lunch, did some laundry, relaxed, went to the library, SuperTarget, bank...oh, and cleaned a bit. But I did get to relax in there. And read a bit of Chasing Stanley by Diedre Martin while waiting for the car.

I really need to get some posts up about books I've read. Ones like Ghost, Interrupted by Sonia Singh, Feral by Nathalie Gray, Lara Adrian's book, Nalini Singh's book (actually, that one I'm just waiting until closer to the time it comes out), hmmm...blanking on what else.

How is everyone? I've been so bad about blogging lately that I'm surprised anyone is still visiting! I need to change that. Er, anyone hear the rumor that Nora Roberts uses ghostwriters? Heard it from one customer the other week. She was quite firm about it.

oh, I did get my rings back from being resized, too (almost two full sizes down). I was feeling pretty naked without them. They haven't been this shiny in ages.

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Brandy said...

Well, I normally lurk, sorry if that's creepy!
Glad you have your rings back!