Have a funny


Er...you know, just so you don't think I've forgotten you.

Another Lolcat

lolcats funny cat pictures

Okay, so actually the allergies weren't so bad today, but the pic is too cute to pass up and post here. Went to a dog thing at the park and saw the cutest dogs. And a few German Shepherd Dogs. Love GSDs.

Had the day off and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oh, also added a Books read column to the blog and I'm crossing my fingers that I will at least add stuff there even when I don't feel like posting about the book. Currently read Marked by the Casts and liking it.

Busy week and I *heart* Zappos

Sorry I haven't posted. I've been working all week and then it just seems like things in the evening take up all the time.

Anyways, reading Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn and just loving it. Read The Thirteenth House right before that.

Anyways, to the Zappos love. Ordered shoes last night. at like 9:30 p.m., so of course I didn't think I'd get them until Monday at the earliest even though Zappos has free overnight shipping because of the weekend.

They were here when I got home from work. I've ordered from them a few times before and also gotten the same excellent service. So I really like them. And returns are so simple and they credit back your card quite quickly.

And completely off topic, but hoo boy there's a storm coming through and in the past few minutes it's gotten VERY dark.

And my poor husband is all stressed and possibly has a bug and has gone back to work for an hour even though he feels kinda icky. Poor guy.

Bye, gonna go see the storm.

I loveses Lee Child

Oh yes indeed I do. Jack Reacher is so cool. And these books....I just want to read and read and read. One right after the other. But then where would I be? So I try to read something in between, but the urge to put the next one on the Reader is intense and undeniable. And so, with Running Blind finished, I will be reading the next.

And Megan, I am so happy that at least at the end of this book, Jody was alive. I was so certain she'd somehow get killed. And I'm not considering that a spoiler. So there. More of a fear of authors who take it too far from my comfort zone regarding characters. Echo Burning is up next.

Fairyville by Emma Holly

Poor Wendy, she's all burned out on paranormals and thus can't really get into this one. Thankfully, I've been really really picky about my paranormals for awhile now and so don't seem in too much of a funk for them.

Anyways, I really liked this book. Nick really liked me liking this book. If you know what I mean. ;-) And you know, it's actually my first full-length Emma Holly.

Book Cover

It's hot, but has a nice romance in it. And it's really well-written. I'm not quite sure how to put into words how I enjoyed the writing, but I very much enjoyed it. It's a fun book. And even though I usually don't go for m/m scenes, these were nicely done.

Here's the blurb for it in case you are one of the very very few who haven't run across it yet:

Zoe Clare is a medium who has no trouble communicating with the dead—or with real live fairies, for that matter! But she can't seem to get her feelings across to her landlord-slash-manager—Magnus Monroe, Fairyville, Arizona's most eligible bachelor. She's tired of his erotic antics with every woman in town but her. So when her high school flame returns to town, Zoe is more than a little vulnerable to his charms. How Alex broke her heart is a scandal no one in Fairyville has forgotten. But even if Zoe isn't ready to forget, she's willing to forgive. The rules they're about to break will bring out the jealousy in Magnus—and the astounding truth.

Meh. (warning, this post contains a lolcat)

Meh. Job sux. Pay sux. Doan wanna get outtaƂ bed.

Okay, so it doesn't actually suck, but I still want a vacation.

Allergy shots!

So...had my little asthma problem (ok, really not so little) a month or so back and my doc recommended allergy shots. Anyone had them before? I know I'm definitely going to go through with getting them, but oh boy, it's a lot of work for a long time.

And since it was three years and two months since my last allergy testing at the clinic and the cut off to use the test for shots was three years, I got to do that this morning. And once again, if it grows, I'm allergic to it. And once again, I was told not to have pets. Hah! Like that's going to happen. Sorry, but I can't go through life without pets. And Gambit's going to get a friend in November. We'll get another cat because I feel bad about leaving him alone for such long hours when we both work full-time.

And I do have reviews to come! Including one for a local author. And a couple Lee Child books. And I've read Beg For Mercy by Toni Andrews, Queen of Orcs: Clan Daughter by Morgan Howell, A Man in a Million by Jessica Bird, and Fairyville by Emma Holly in the last week (wow, really pretty much in the last week since I bought them on the 5th). And Die Trying and Tripwire both by Lee Child. So um yeah, I've been reading a lot. And something else might be in there, but I can't remember.