Allergy shots!

So...had my little asthma problem (ok, really not so little) a month or so back and my doc recommended allergy shots. Anyone had them before? I know I'm definitely going to go through with getting them, but oh boy, it's a lot of work for a long time.

And since it was three years and two months since my last allergy testing at the clinic and the cut off to use the test for shots was three years, I got to do that this morning. And once again, if it grows, I'm allergic to it. And once again, I was told not to have pets. Hah! Like that's going to happen. Sorry, but I can't go through life without pets. And Gambit's going to get a friend in November. We'll get another cat because I feel bad about leaving him alone for such long hours when we both work full-time.

And I do have reviews to come! Including one for a local author. And a couple Lee Child books. And I've read Beg For Mercy by Toni Andrews, Queen of Orcs: Clan Daughter by Morgan Howell, A Man in a Million by Jessica Bird, and Fairyville by Emma Holly in the last week (wow, really pretty much in the last week since I bought them on the 5th). And Die Trying and Tripwire both by Lee Child. So um yeah, I've been reading a lot. And something else might be in there, but I can't remember.


Megan Frampton said...

I had allergy shots--a pain to go every week or so, but worth it if you're that allergic, plus with a cat/cats, you definitely should.

Good luck on that, I can't imagine ever having cats, although I would love to!

And, yeah, I'm interested to see if you love Lee Child as much as I do.

Nicole said...

yeah, I figured it would be a pain, but worth it.

I loveses Lee Child. I'm reading Running Blind right now, though, and afraid of what will happen to Jodie. I know somehow it's got to happen because she ties him down, but dammit, I like her.