Mummified ferrets, ants, cats, and vampires a new furnace installed this week. You know, before we'd actually have to use the previous one and kill ourselves.

Yeah, that would be where the ferret comes in. Guys opened up the ductwork around the A/C thingy and out dropped a dead baby ferret into one of the guys' lap. Uh, we don't own a ferret and never have. And yes, there always was a funky smell in that room, but no one had any idea what it was and we looked all over the room for a source right after we bought the place. And never would have found this, since it was IN the ductwork. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

And ants. Leaky honey jar is bad., no reason for that. Though there are feline aliens in the Lisanne Norman book I'm reading.

And vampires....reading The Vampire Queen's Servant. So far it's awesome and totally not what I was expecting.

Oh, and Ikea was out of the bookcase I wanted to order. Hmph. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find bookcases with shelves that are less than 12 inches deep? Nigh on impossible. Blech.


charleneteglia said...

You redecorated. *blink blink* Very blue!

Nicole said...

Yup. I thought maybe it will be the impetus I need to blog more. :-) So there will be more!