Drugs, I do so love them.

Well, look, I'm posting again. Wow. I'm on a roll.

Anyways, went to the doctor today. Came away with a scrip for steroid inhaler and a z-pack. So yeah, while I'm having an asthma attack, I've also felt like drowning from a sinus infection. Not so fun. Hopefully once the sinusitis is cleared up, I'll be able to sleep better and get the rest I need to really get better. And hopefully the inhaler will work, too. I'm sick of my chest constantly feeling tight.

In reading news, I'm reading The Billionaire Next Door on Jane's rec and wow, it's really good. Thanks Jane.

Also picked up Charlene Teglia's newest, Wild Wild West, from Basically Books. Started it and I like it. Sorta ended up falling asleep on the couch while reading it, but that's more from being sick than the actual book.


Jane said...

I hope that SMP gets on the ebook bandwagon. I am glad that you liked the Bird book. You'll have to give the Jones book a try. I'm having kind of 50/50 luck with the series romances. I've read a couple of duds.

charleneteglia said...

Hope you feel better. This is a rotten time of year for allergies/athsma.