Heart Dance by Robin D. Owens

I loveses me this series. Oh yes indeedy I do. And yay, I survived it going into trade. Bad Berkley. You did it with P.C. Cast too. Hmph. Least it wasn't to hardcover.

Book Cover
DuFleur Thyme is a scientist who's secretly experimenting with time. She'll allow no distractions from her work-not even from a HeartMate. Meanwhile, Saille T'Willow has sent his HeartGift out into the world in hopes of finding his HeartMate, who, it turns out, is DuFleur. Still, DuFleur wants nothing to do with Saille, especially when she discovers that it was his grandmother who brought about her father's ruin. Unfortunately, her body can't help but submit to the passion he stirs in her. But when a scandal threatens Saille's position as head of the family, will DuFleur stand by his side?

Ah, I liked this book alot. It's simple, yet enjoyable. Part of the fun of reading this series is reuniting with previous characters. Yet I really like how she puts them in. It works.

Anyways, to the main story. DuFleur's flair is for time, yet because of an incident her father was involved in (and died from), experimenting with time has been made illegal. Considering using flair is like breathing to most Celtans, this is decidedly hard on DuFleur and so she ends up experimenting in secret. She also has to deal with her family, especially her mother.

Saille's got matchmaker flair, but because his grandmother was such a bitch, she hid his HeartMate (DuFleur) from him. In the last book, we saw how he discovered who it was, but he still has problems with his grandmother and her actions. And it turns out some of those things had to do with DuFleur's father and the fallout from that. Kinda complicated, but not, and well put together. Owens uses the world she's created in such a way that she can add in characters that we've seen before and have them really mean something. Because of that, I'd recommend reading the books in order to fully appreciate the storyline, although there's enough backstory to have a new reader caught up fairly quickly.

Saille and DuFleur clash for lots of reasons and they mostly felt true to character. No rashly running out to do something stupid. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I really liked this one.

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