Spending time with Nick

Since Nick's been working so hard lately, he asked to take a half day today and spend the afternoon with me. It was a nice change to be able to see him on a weekday afternoon. We went to check out the Silver Spider in Mt. Vernon where I picked up a cute change purse (thanks Adriana). Then we headed out to Westdale for a bit and came home and just spent some relaxing time together. Nice and low-key.

I also got my allergy shots this morning and so my upper arms are not feeling so hot. The welting was a bit worse this time than the last couple times. No idea why as I think I'm on the same strength. Leg doesn't hurt when I walk now, but beware bumping it! That can be quite painful. So I still have to be careful of it, especially now that I'm not always thinking about it.

Made ham and potato soup for supper and added some artisan bread I grabbed at Hy-Vee. Very yummy and fitting for this rainy day.

Also checked out End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacharias from the library. Nick's reading it right now and says it isn't providing much of an argument. It's supposed to be a rebuttal to Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation (which I quite enjoyed). From the back cover: "Dr. Zacharias exposes “the utter bankruptcy of this worldview.”" Riiiiiiiight. I really am trying to get both sides of the issue here.

Now I'm off to make some peanut butter cookies and then watch the debate.

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Kristie said...

I would love to know your recipe for the soup... that sounds really good for the cooler weather!