Oooooh...I hate you Tor!!!

Book CoverSo, I read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson earlier this week. Finished it last night, in fact. And looooved it. So of course I go looking for the ebook of the second book, Well of Ascension.
Book Cover

Oh, it's only available in one place, at BooksonBoard? And only in secure Mobipocket? And supposedly the ebook is $14 with discounts bringing it down to $7.99, which happens to be the price of the mass market paperback that it's available as?

I'm pretty frickin' mad right now. I got the first book as a freebie for Tor's new site and now you tell me I can't get an ebook of the second book? You suck, Tor.

Anyways, Mistborn, or rather The Final Empire as is supposedly the title (someone needs to tell the cover people that the series title gets the small print, not the actual book title), is really awesome.


Angela James said...

I usually have similar tastes in fantasy to you, so I'm going to move this to the top of my TBR pile. I've had it there since it released. Plus, I've been curious about his writing since he'll be finishing Robert Jordan's series. Maybe I'll read this for next month's TBR challenge.

You know book three just released this week?

Also, Amazon has an Amazon short from the author, based in that same world:

Thanks for the review, I need things like this to motivate me towards books in my TBR pile!

Kerry said...

I totally agree. If Tor is going to tempt us with books like this, it should allow us to buy the others in the series as well.

Nicole said...

Angie, definitely move it up. I can still visualize the fight scenes that use the magic system.

Thanks for the info about the short story. I didn't know about that. I do need to read Elantris one of these days.