Hounding the Pavement by Judi McCoy

Book Cover Hounding the Pavement is Judi McCoy's first foray into the cozy mystery genre and is the start of a promising series. Ellie Engleman is just starting out as a dogwalker in Manhattan, but she's got an edge over the competition in that she can communicate with dogs. When she finds the owner of one of her clientele dead and his prized Bichon missing, she goes on the hunt to find the dog and just maybe solve a murder. Add in an attractive detective and you've got the great chemistry you'd expect from a romance author turned mystery author. I really enjoyed Hounding the Pavement as it is full of humor and Ellie and Detective Sam Ryder are fun to watch as they fight their attraction. Oh, I can't forget Rudy, Ellie's companion dog, whose doggie insight is delightful.

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Nicole and Tux sleeping

Nicole and Tux sleeping
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Nick snapped this while I was taking a nap in the living room this afternoon.