Guess what I'm reading?

The third Sharing Knife book! Oh, I'm enjoying it so far.

Also finished reading up Fast & Loose by Elizabeth Bevarly. It was cute and a quick lunch time read. I liked the Derby setting.

Also read Lord Deverill's Secret by Amanda Grange. It's a very traditional Regency novel stuck in trade paperback. Good story, but not really worth $14. I am happy I read it, though. It was also very cute.

Also listening to Naughty Neighbor by Evanovich in my car. So far it's really cute and I like the reader, C.J. Critt.


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, I haven't read that third Sharing Knife yet--is it out already, or are you just special?

(and did you know someone has found my blog, repeatedly, by searching for 'nicole shoes?')

Nicole said...

No, not special. It came out on the 22nd.

Weird way to find your blog, though I think there's a brand of shoes called Nicole.