Allergies are eeeeeeeeevil

Ugh. Had to go home sick from work today because of my allergies. I was sneezing and sniffling and probably scaring the customers who probably thought I had a nasty cold. I just felt achy and sinus headaching. Went home, took two Benadryls and collapsed on the basement couch for over 4 hours. And even after all that sleep, I still feel exhausted.

Woe is me. Windy days and flowering trees do not a happy Nicole make.

I've got this stuck in my head

Ah, the awesomeness that is this commercial. I just love it.

Guess what I'm reading?

The third Sharing Knife book! Oh, I'm enjoying it so far.

Also finished reading up Fast & Loose by Elizabeth Bevarly. It was cute and a quick lunch time read. I liked the Derby setting.

Also read Lord Deverill's Secret by Amanda Grange. It's a very traditional Regency novel stuck in trade paperback. Good story, but not really worth $14. I am happy I read it, though. It was also very cute.

Also listening to Naughty Neighbor by Evanovich in my car. So far it's really cute and I like the reader, C.J. Critt.

North and South

North and South

Well, Kristie has done it again and I am a convert. North and South was so amazingly good. Just amazing. And the good. So many others have mentioned all the fine aspects of this show, so I won't go into it (although if you want to know more, Kristie has quite the list of fans on her sidebar).

Thank you, Kristie, for the recommendation. You're a gem.

Oh, the horror...

The hockey game, it is painful to watch. My poor Sioux.

Anyone read Bad Blood by L.A. Banks?

I just started this one today and so far I really enjoy it.


Anyways, will let you know what I think of it when I finish.

And in other news, I've started watching North and South.

Confession time

I have not finished Strangers in Death. I started and returned Wish Club by Kim Strickland and Forget About It by Caprice Crane. And I really liked each of them when I started them. I just sorta set them aside and never picked them back up again. Bad me.

Um, those are just the ones I can remember. I started Beware of Doug by Elaine Fox at work today, who knows if I'll finish that one, either.