Vacation pics *very late, lots of pictures*

Here's the walking bridge at Multnomah Falls

More of the Falls

This is a pic taken at the edge of the cliff at the resort we stayed at in Depoe Bay

More of the resort

Me at a beach (wish I could remember which one)

Sculpture thing at Howard Amon Park in Richland, WA

Sea gull on sign at resort

Foggy Oregon morning

Rocky Creek Bridge

And yes, all these are from May, but I figured a post was a post was a post, right?
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Sick kitty

Oh boy. You know, cats can be expensive. Oh yes indeed they can.

For a little background, Tux has been urinating outside his litter box. I figured it was just behavioral, so for awhile, we just worked on cleaning up his messes. Finally I went to the vet where they found out that he definitely had some problems. Man I felt bad about not taking him in sooner. So he went on antibiotics. Luckily, there's a new shot that is a substitute for a two-week bout of antibiotics. No twice daily pilling for us. Yay!

Took him in again two weeks later. Tests came back better, but not completely cured. So another shot and another two weeks to see if all is cleared up.

Now I took him in two days ago and he's WORSE. Poor guy. So the vet thinks he has interstitial cystitis, which doesn't respond to antibiotics, I guess. And he suggested an ultrasound to rule out stones. Bleck. See, expensive kitty. And prescription kitty food.

I'm thinking my RT trip might not happen. Cuz really, the cat is way more important. And I can't even get that upset with him for peeing on my carpet when he's obviously in pain and ill. *sigh*

In other news, Karen really does know best and Dorothy Koomson's My Best Friend's Girl is excellent so far.

Anything For Her Children by Darlene Gardner

Title: Anything For Her Children
Author: Darlene Gardner
Published Date: May 2008
Series: Suddenly a Parent
Rating: C+/B-
Previous books of author enjoyed (if any): n/a
New to me author?: Yes

The bond Keri Cassidy shares with her adopted kids couldn't be stronger if they were her own flesh and blood. So when coach Grady Quinlan suspends her teenage son from the basketball team, the fiercely protective single mother is fit to be tied. Until she uncovers the scandal in Grady's past.

Grady claims he's innocent of any wrongdoing. In spite of evidence against him, Keri finds herself believing Grady when no one else does. But how can she trust a man who threatens her son's future? She doesn't want to have to choose sides. But she may have already made a choice. If she has the courage to follow what her heart is telling her.

I really enjoyed this one. Keri adopted the children of a co-worker when it was apparent that unless she did, they were bound for foster care. So she's a fairly young woman (around 25) with a teenage son and slightly younger daughter. I really liked her and could see how she was so reluctant to believe things about her son when they've been through so much. (and non-related, but Tux is lying on my lap, kneading his claws into my shorts and resting his chin on my left arm. And purring. Loudly.)

Grady is also a likeable guy. His teaching philosophy is not making him popular, but he sticks to his beliefs. I could understand how hurt he was when Keri didn't believe him about some things in the story. He's such a nice guy. It was good to not have a crazy alpha he-man as a hero for once.

Anyways, it's a pretty low-key story, but it kept my interest and I found myself really liking the characters. There's a few little side stories involving Keri's children that actually worked quite well and rounded out the feel-good-ness of the whole story. So, if you want a cute, sweet story, this is a nice one. It's nothing terribly special, but it's a nice way to spend a couple hours and didn't have any annoying moments.