Dancing in the kitchen

Is there anything better than dancing in the kitchen to hard rock and baking chocolate chip cookies? I think not.

Anyways, the new Halestorm cd is good, as is the new Mastodon. So if you like rock, go get them.

In other news, I finished The Wolf by Jean Johnson last night and also started What Happens in London by Julia Quinn.


Taylor tp.smith29@yahoo.com said...

I love dancing in the kitchen! I was dancing in the kitchen this morning while doing dishes!

I also love cooking with an audiobook on. What Happens in London by Julia Quinn is a romance novel I just purchased. It's worth it!

Not that I'm for spamming, but anyone interested should check it out. They have great titles and discounts! www.booksonboard.com

Beth Gray said...

I dance in the kitchen when I cook all of the time. I love salsa dancing. After writing at my desk all day, the exercise is great.
Beth Gray