Renewal and birth–or rather, me blogging!

So I’m once again trying to get back in the saddle. I’ve got a two year old and I've been a stay at home mother since her birth. I still read a lot, but struggle with remembering what I read the night before long enough to get it down. Need to write myself notes at night. Any tips? It seems such a pain to annotate on the Nook Color, but do people use it that way? Or maybe I just need to put a book light on a notepad and do it that way.  Hmmm…nice how ideas come to me when I’m typing. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many hundreds of blog posts I’ve written in my head before falling asleep. Hundreds.

And on birth, I do have another blog I started up. N²+1 (My husband and I, plus my daughter). It’s more about everyday stuff and my adventures as a Pinterest-addict.

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