Lighnting reviews: Harlequin Blaze

So I don't really want to write up separate posts for these, but Jane convinced me that I should at least let you all know what I thought of them. So here you go.

Talking in Your SleepTalking in Your Sleep by Samantha Hunter. This one I liked. Both Joy and Rafe are having sleep problems. Rafe is on leave from his job as an EMT for burnout and insomnia and Joy is stressed from too much work. Her x-rated sleep talking worked to get Rafe and Joy talking, but I liked that it wasn't the focus of the story and wasn't taken too far. Anyways, I enjoyed the story.

Dead SexyDead Sexy by Kimberly Raye. Vampire lite is what this one is all about. Cute and fluffy without a lot of substance. That's what I wanted when I read the story, so I wasn't disappointed, but many probably would be. Jake's in town because he needs to kill his sire so he can become human again. Nikki's not looking for a relationship but a series of events forces her into having Jake as a fake fiance. It's pretty much a tale of a good girl having a fling with a bad boy who just happens to be a vampire. Anyways, it was cute. I believe Jane mentioned that she wasn't impressed with the sequel, but I confess that I'll probably read it anyways.

Shaken and StirredShaken and Stirred by Kathleen O'Reilly. I think enough has been said about this one and yes, I liked it alot. Can't wait for the sequel.

She Did a Bad, Bad ThingShe Did a Bad, Bad Thing by Stephanie Bond. This is the first in a series called Million Dollar Secrets about a group of friends who win the lottery. This is one of those makeover stories and is fun. Jane's a makeup artist who really doesn't do much for herself, but when she wins the lottery, she decides to have a fling to Vegas. She's followed by her neighbor Perry, who actually insults her and then feels bad about it and feels like he has to look out for her. I kinda liked that he wasn't instantly likeable, though I wasn't quite convinced he liked Jane for Jane, I was convinced enough to be happy in the end. Eh, it worked. I liked the story well enough and plan to read the rest of the series.

At Your CommandMy favorite was At Your Command by Julie Miller. Zach and Becky get married after knowing each other for only a week in Vegas. Then Zach is shipped off and they don't see each other for over a year. Becky plans to get a divorce, but Zach is all ready to really get to know his bride as soon as he returns. I felt that their romance really worked and that they each realized that their marriage would require work and compromise on both their sides. It made me want to read more of Miller's Blazes as soon as I was finished. If you want to pick up a good Blaze, this is one I'd really recommend.

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Jane said...

Thanks for the mini reviews. I liked the 2nd in the O'Reilly trilogy but thought the third was the weakest.