Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

Fire and Ice

In the wake of a failed love affair, brainy beauty Jilly Lovitz takes off for Tokyo. She's expecting to cry on her sister Summer's shoulder, then spend a couple months blowing off steam in Japan. Instead, she's snatched away on the back of a motorcycle, narrowly avoiding a grisly execution attempt meant for her sister and brother-in-law.

Her rescuer is Reno, the Committee's most unpredictable agent. They'd met once before and the attraction was odd – tattooed Yakuza punk meets leggy California egghead – but electric. Now Reno and Jilly are pawns in a deadly tangle of assassination attempts, kidnappings and prisoner swaps that could put their steamy partnership on ice.

Can I just say that I devoured this book? So good. Reno is awesome. I mean, how can you resist a guy described as a "tattooed Yakuza punk"? I loved how fast-paced the story was. It was definitely the hero who was the focus of the book, and since he's so fascinating, that was just dandy with me. Anyone else read it? Just loved it. Yeah, had to say that again.


caitlin said...

Hi there! I was just browsing thru some of the readers' blogs, and came across yours. I was thrilled to see the cover of Fire and Ice displayed. I am reading it! I am at the point where Reno and Jilly have been imprisoned by Hitomi-san, and its the 'morning after' of their wild lovemaking session. I'm about to start chapter 16.
I've also read Black Ice by Anne Stuart.
I like books like this, with a little romance, plus danger, has to have a little zing in it for me to like it. This one has plenty of zing!

Nicole said...

Caitlin, hope you enjoyed the book!