I'm back from vacation

Well, for a week at any rate. Next Saturday I'm off to Portland and Depoe Bay and hopefully a fabulous dinner with some very cool blog/author people.

And a funny moment had on vacation. We were in Waldenbooks with my mom and I was looking at the romance titles when Mom walked over.

Mom: What's Nora Roberts doing in this section?
Me: Um, she writes romance, Mom.
Mom: Are you sure? I thought she just wrote mysteries and I have one to read.
Me: No, Mom, she really writes romance. With mystery, but she writes romance.
Mom: hmmm....

Yeah, my mother is incredibly anti-romance and thinks romance readers are crazy and obsessed with reading them. Hope you like that Nora, Mom. And okay, that's not exactly what she said, but the gist is right.

*so...do I capitalize mom or not? *sigh*

Oh, and it SNOWED, yesterday, on Saturday.

And I'm in love with the new James Clemens fantasy series The Godslayer Chronicles and I read the first two books this last week and there aren't any more yet!!! Bad author, bad. Write faster. The bookses, they are good. Well, if you like that kind of fantasy.

And I read Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter and adored it, too.


Angela James said...

You did it right. Hi, Mom (direct address) but my mom (with the possessive in front of it) or Mom says romance is weird (when using it as a replacement for her name).

Alison Kent said...

Oh, hey! I LOVE Depoe Bay! I actually based my setting in BEYOND A SHADOW on Depoe Bay! How funny is that!

Nicole said...

Hey, that is cool. I might have to reread the book with that in mind. The area was gorgeous.