Bits and pieces and thoughts

Well, had to fast last night so I could get some blood drawn this morning. Ugh. But I did then remember that I needed a flu shot and they were nice enough to get me in right away for that. Except then that means I have to figure out how to work in an allergy shot around my schedule this week and I can't get that and any other injection on the same day. Hrm.

I did finally get a notebook mouse for this laptop. I don't really like to use the touchpad, but will if I have to. Got a bluetooth one this morning so I don't have to use up a usb port to connect it. It's so cute. Was a cinch to pair with my laptop. Also hit the UBS and scored some goodies. Got Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson that I'd special ordered and also scored Texas Splendor and Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath and The Famous Heroine by Mary Balogh.
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It might get up to 77 here in Cedar Rapids and for Iowa in November, that'll be a record.

Unrelated (this post title is "Bits and pieces and thoughts" after all), but I've noticed that it's always the people who seem less-than-well-off who will take a plastic bag to put that one itty bitty item that they've bought at work rather than do the green things and forgo.

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I've been reading the Blood Lite anthology and oh is it a different feel and experience than the previous anthology I read, which was Wolfsbane and Mistletoe. In W&M, I loved almost all the stories and liked the rest. Here, there are plenty of stories that I just plain didn't like and some I just skipped over. Although the Mr. Bear story has stayed with me, in a disturbing sort of way.

Book CoverI also read Jill Shalvis' Feb. 09 release, Instant Attraction, and loved it. Jill has such a way with humor and romance. And her characters always seem so real. Not to mention her blog is absolutely fabulous and I'm always calling Nick over to read one of her posts. She always makes me smile.

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I'm always starting and putting down books, so while waiting for my flu shot, I started Amorous Liaisons by Sarah Mayberry. I vaguely remembered someone mentioning liking her. Maybe Jane? Don't know if I'll get back to it right away, but we'll see.


Alyssa said...

I like Sarah Mayberry a lot. Haven't read this one yet, though I own it.

Karen Scott said...

I've enjoyed all the Sara Mayberry books that I've read so far. She seems to add a lot of depths to her Blaze titles that are often missing in others.

My fave so far was the one where the heroine is a chauffeur. It was surprisingly moving.

Kristie (J) said...

Wow!! That is a great score on the two Heath books. Ah Westerns by Lorraine Heath - I remember then well.