Mini review of Zappos and Onlineshoes

Okay, so now I've ordered both from Zappos and from Onlineshoes.



1. I order shoes, shoes get to my house sometimes as early as the next day. That's with free shipping! I ordered once after 8 p.m. one night and had the shoes the next morning.

2. Return policy: You have an entire year to return shoes and there's no restocking fee. They also provide the postage to return it, you just drop off the box at UPS.

3. Returns are credited to your card in approx. a week.

Okay, their website could be a bit less busy, but it gets the job done.

Okay, now for Onlineshoes:

1. I order shoes, free shipping, but it takes close to a week for my shoes to get here. Very annoying, especially after being used to Zappos' speedy service.

2. Return policy: 90 days for returns, if you don't do an exchange, they charge you $6.99 for the return.

3. Okay, just sent back my exchange, so don't know when my account will be credited, but it's supposed to be on par with Zappos.

Onlineshoes does have a 110% price guarantee, but honestly, the service and speed of Zappos beats that for me. But the prices seem to be fairly competitive between the places. I did order from Onlineshoes this last time because they were having a sale and they also have a deal with Discover that gives me a percentage back (wouldn't mind that, Zappos). But having to wait so long for my shoes after the fast service at Zappos really didn't endear them to me. I want my shoes and I want them now! I have very wide, rather short feet (or as I call it, duck feet), so I really can't find shoes by just walking into a store. The quick service allows me to order a few different kinds of shoes at once and know that I will get them quickly and be able to easily return them or exchange them without the process taking weeks.

So Zappos gets my vote. I'm always recommending them to friends. There was once a woman in Penney's who was complaining to her friends that she was sick of seeing ugly shoes for the wide widths in the stores. So I kinda butted in and told her about Zappos. And showed her my super-cute size 6.5WW Naturalizers (I told you they were duck feet). Hope she took my advice.


Holly said...

I adore Zappos. I don't think I can ever go to another online store now. I just can't get over their fabulous customer service.

Nicole said...

Holly, I definitely agree. It was so horrible to have to wait almost a week to see my shoes.

Holly said...

And doesn't that just make us sound like spoiled brats? But really, it's hard to go back after getting such excellent service.

ReneeW said...

Thanks for the review. I wish I had known this last June when I ordered 3 pairs from onlineshoes and had to return 2 of them. They charged me like you mentioned. Really pissed me off. Grrrr. I will go with Zappos next time.