I'm 22 weeks along!


So I'm over halfway done with this pregnancy. Things are going well. Of course, I still can't believe how much I can sleep. At least I have an excuse.

We had our final ultrasound on Friday. All is well and she's right on track. I feel like these last few months are going to fly by and that I really should get on top of things such as painting the nursery. I already plan to do a forest theme and am using this as inspiration. I also have an obsession with owls and have scoured etsy looking for ideas. Haven't bought any yet, though. It always seems too early, or there are bigger things that I want to buy before buying all the little things.

I've also found that the Baby Center boards are addicting and although I post quite infrequently, I can spend way too much time perusing them.

At least I have plenty of people to ask for advice. Sarah, Angie, and Jane have all been quite useful.

Also, the thing I've craved most is mac & cheese. Most lunches that I have at work are of Easy Mac. Yum. Although right now I really want a DQ Blizzard. And Wendy's Frosties are always good....

*that pic is neither me, nor what I look like. Still don't look very pregnant.


Wendy said...

My Lil' Sis is due in early April - and she didn't really get a well-defined baby bump until around the 24 week mark.

I haven't talked to her about it recently, so not sure what she's craving these days - but early on? Yeah, she was hittin' the ice cream pretty hard.

Lori said...


Oh, and it's good to see you blogging again.