Mischief by Laura Parker

Book Cover

Back cover copy:


When Napoleon brings his war to Persia, clever but shy Japonica Fortnom is chosen by the ailing Viscount Shrewsbury to arrange his escape from Baghdad. Desperate, she turns for help to the infamous Hind Div, a man as mysterious as he is merciless. Thinking her naught but a wily assassin, he drugs and seduces her in a night of passion that marks her very soul. Realizing her innocence too late, he agrees to send her to safety, aching to find her again some day...


Pushed into a hasty marriage to provide the dying Viscount's five daughters with a trusted guardian, Japonica finds herself wed, widowed, and with child--all in the space of a fortnight.

A year later, she arrives in England, wishing only to settle her unruly charges with Devlyn Sinclair, the new Viscount. She is stunned to discover he is none other than her savior and seducer--and that war wounds have left him with no memory of his former identity, or of their night together. Wary of claims he might make on their child--and her--Japonica keeps the past a secret, even as they share a household. Yet there is no denying the powerful emotions that draw them to each other...now and evermore.

I picked this one up at work. I couldn't resist that it starts out in Persia. The back cover copy is actually quite accurate. It does a good job of explaining things without giving too much away.

Japonica is a great character. She's used to being on her own and is independent without falling into feisty territory. She's quite strong and I could even forgive her for the secret baby plot point. And suffering heroes? Devlyn definitely suffers. Literally tortured, he's now got a hook for a right hand and suffers from mood changes and crazed nightmares and fevers. They definitely had a lot to deal with to get their HEA.

I'm still trying to decide if this is a definite keeper, but it's up there. Quite enjoyable and if you're in the mood for a Napolean-era romance set in Persia and England, you might try picking this one up.


Sir John said...

I like the title and would take a look at it.

poroka said...

I agree with Sir John! Definetly :)