Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn (and other stuff)

Well, I loved it. More than the last few JQ's (although I liked those a lot, too). It reminded me a lot of earlier stuff, so I was happy. But from what I've seen around, not everyone agrees with me. But hey, I like it. So there.

Also read a collection of Kristine Katherine Rusch (she's also Kristine Grayson and some other names) stories that Ed Gorman let me borrow. I really want to read more of her stuff now as these were all fantastic stories. And it's gotten me interested in reading more SF/F shorts. And I need to read some more of Ed's stuff. I liked the short story he did in Places to Go, People to Kill. And he's a really nice guy and fascinating to talk to.


Tara Marie said...

But hey, I like it. So there.

Me too :)

I think I read somewhere that she wrote this a while ago and they (the publisher) wanted something before she started her new series. That might explain why it feels like some of her older stuff.

Nicole said...

I think it mentioned that in the introduction. That she'd written it awhile ago, but the publisher wanted her to stick with the Bridgertons.

Glad you liked it too. it did remind me more of her older stuff.