Good news!

My boxspring will be delivered tomorrow! Yay! And the desk is now built and set up in the office, so our PCs are all set up there too. We solved the wiring problem by just ordering wireless cards from Newegg and doing that. Much easier than bashing holes in the walls.

And I'm now a part of the fabulous Romantic Advances site. I was a bit late joining them as I was in moving chaos. it's a faboo site. Okay, I'm still in moving chaos with all these boxes everywhere, but it'll go away...I hope.

Gambit is thrilled with all the windows we have in the house. He's currently in the sill of one of the office ones enjoying the breeze that's coming in. Earlier he was all puffy over something he saw, but we didn't figure out what it was.

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HelenKay said...

This is off topic, but I see you're reading RAVISHED. That's my favorite Amanda Quick book ever! Gotta love any romance that finds a way to incorporate fossils into the plot.