Bleck, and a short goodbye

UH...can you tell I couldn't think up a title for this post? Well, finished Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris this afternoon. It was an okay book. Not mind-blowing, but I think I'll pick up the next book (or at least check it out from the library). Not sure I'd've liked it as much if I'd actually paid for the hardback, but since I got it from the library...

Now I'm starting Codename: Baby by Christina Skye. So far it's good, though I'm not too far into it yet.

Tomorrow afternoon until Sunday evening I'll be gone. Going back to North Dakota to see some hockey games and friends and family. Gah, I need to decide on what books I'm bringing. I hate choosing vacation books.


Karen Scott said...

Have a good time Nicole!

The Library Diva said...

I've been trying to decide whether to buy or borrow Grave Sight, and was leaning towards borrowing it. Now I'll definitely borrow it!

Have a good trip! :-)

Michele said...

Have fun.
Enjoy Codename: Baby.
I've read all the Codenames so far. Including this one. Curious as to what your final verdict will be.
Have a fun, safe and memorable trip!!!!