I've got a lot of books

Well, I spent a lot of Saturday adding books to my catalog at Library Thing. Adding the tbr tag was rather depressing. I'm at 448 books to be read and counting. Um, yeah. Ouch. I still haven't added all of them. Conversation with husband went something like this:

Me: Dear, I've got like several hundred books that I haven't read! Maybe I should stop buying books. At least none next month.
Him: But you've got to buy some. At least the couple hot ones that everyone's talking about so you can have something to chat about with your online friends.
Me: I love you.

So it didn't go exactly like that, but that was the gist of it. But I do think I need to stop buying the books I'm not sure I'll like. I tend to buy books that look semi-interesting at the library bookstore cuz they're cheap, but really, they just seem to take up space. And the categories? Agh!

Of course, it doesn't help that I can't seem to get rid of a book once it gets into the house without reading it. So even though I don't feel like reading something, I can't get rid of it because someday I might want to read it. Bad bad bad habit.

But on Sunday...I had a good day. Spent it relaxing on the couch with a book. Started and finished Only With a Highlander by Janet Chapman (from the library). Review coming up.

Also started and finished Killer Blonde by Laura Levine (also from the library). So Sunday was a very good book reading day. Also read more of Lilith Saintcrow's The Demon's Librarian after I finished Killer Blonde.


Jay said...

Send. them all. to me.

Nicole said...

I think not.

I need to work on the living room ones some more tomorrow. And there are some under the bed. And a few rows in the back of the bookcases in my office...

Karen Scott said...

You should start your own library. I thought I had problems keeping up with my TBR!

Nicole said...

Well, it's kinda made it apparent that I need to get rid of some books.