Well, I plan to finish them someday....

I'm so bad about starting books and then taking forever to read them. So here's a rundown of the books I've started and have sitting around the house with bookmarks in them. They've all been started to some degree. We won't even get into the ebooks I start and forget about.

Sitting on my desk:

Double-Cross by Meredith Fletcher

The Golden Girl by Erica Orloff

Sitting on my nightstand:

Jigsaw by Kathleen Nance (and damn, I remember not wanting to put it down that night)

Missing Marlene by Evan Marshall

She's Got the Look by Leslie Kelly

Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer

Mew is for Murder by Clea Simon

In the library basket:

Creature Cozies by lots of people

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger (she really needs to work on her site, it kinda stinks with Firefox)

Ultimate X-Men vol. 2

Meridian vol. 4


CindyS said...

Sonofa... are you kidding me!? You're one of *those* people? I can barely keep up with one plot and you have 10 books all partially read! I either envy you or are very, very afraid for you ;)

I love the cover of Meridian. What do you think of the book Confessions of a Fat Girl? The cover is intriguing but I don't want to read about some woman with an extremely bad body image. There's a point where even I yell - get over yourself! and I am a big girl. Please, I blew by a size 12 a few years ago.


Karen Scott said...

Nicole, a girl after my own heart! I read several books at the same time too!

If I have several must-read books on my shelf, I start reading them straight away, then when the plot slows down, I start another, and that cycle continues till I run out of must-reads, then I go to Amazon, and buy some more books, and start all over again!

I currently have 23 e-books that are partially read. I've been doing much better with print books.

Michele said...

I think you are going to like Summer Knight by Jim Butcher.

I zipped through it, couldn't put it down. I'm currently trying to get the Dresden books # 6 and #7 plus the hard cover. He's the first male author I've read that I simply am obsessed with reading ....maybe you recommended him originally? Someone did and I've yet to find the person to thank...if it WAS you....THANKS!!!
Awesome author

Nicole said...

Cindy, Confessions is actually quite good. I think her body image in the book is very real. A least my size 14/16 butt says so (formerly 18/20)

Michele, I might have been. I vaguely remember someone saying that they didn't read male fantasy authors as a rule. Something about hating the lack of romance? It might have been you.

Karen, Oddly enough, usually if I have so many going, it's not the must-reads. These are mostly the so-so to good reads. I tend to read the must-reads pretty quickly, within about two days.

Alyssa said...

I've got a bunch of partially read ones, too. I don't usually read more than one at once, but some I just haven't been able to get into.

Perhaps one month I'll finish them as part of a personal TBR challenge. Or something.

Temperley said...

Eh...The Golden Girl was a very dry read for me. The next installment of The It Girls series: Flawless, is a VERY good book.

Angela James said...

I started Golden Girls two days ago. It should NOT be taking me this long to finish it but I was just talking about the editing flaws in it today. And the rather cardboard, dry as dust heroine. The book lacks spark, eh?

I'm like you, I'll start books too. But most often, I don't go back. Although I did start DaVinci Code and will eventually return to it, most others end up never being picked up again.