I've found a new toy!

So I'm blog hopping last night off Romancing the Blog's reader blog section and hop onto Skulls n Bats which I don't do too often. And there I found a link to The Library Thing in this post.

Oh, I'm in love. It's the coolest thing ever. Well, I think so anyways. It's mostly just for my own enjoyment, but I still love it.

So here's my catalog: Kelley899 I'm going to have fun today adding in more of my books and figuring out how I really want to do the tags.


Angela James said...

I've been meaning to blog about this but I forgot. Mostly because I haven't blogged in a week.

It really is a great tool and I like the idea of cataloguing my books without having to pay for Byron.

Tara Marie said...

Very cool site. How long did it take you to enter all those books??

Jill said...

Very cool, and a great way for me to waste more time, lol!

Nicole said...

Tara Marie: A lot of Friday and Saturday. I posted this post just about as soon as I saw the site. I'm a bit addicted to adding books. And there's a nice feature to add books while browsing Amazon.

Jill: OMG...it's a very good way to waste a lot of time. And I've got a lot of your books to read! I'm so bad.