Google Reader new favorite toy. It's so nice to use. And I can check my blogs wherever I want. Snarfer was nice, but still a bit too buggy and man I got mad when it croaked this weekend. I didn't even have to register or anything to use Google Reader since I already had an account from my Gmail. I think I've commented on more blogs than I did with Snarfer, so perhaps this will help me get back in the swing of things in blogland. ANd perhaps more people will surf on over here and I'll feel more guilty about not posting as much and post more. Well, taht's the thought anyways.

Also been working on a list of books this year that look good. I've already got a ton in a Word doc, but need to get it looking better. I need to budget for books a lot better now that the house thing is in sight. And my goodness, so many new books are coming out in trade. Even Robin D. Owen's newest Heart book will be trade. As well as P.C. Cast's newest Goddess book. Arghhhhhhhhhhh


Kristie said...

How did the house hunting go? I remember it and it was exciting and overwhelming!

I have given up buying books for Lent and it is HARD! My budget is loving it, but I have gift cards. I am trying to not even look for new books because I don't want to go overboard once Lent is over.

Jennie said...

I like Bloglines all right, but I've been thinking of changing to Google reader (just because I assume anything by google is better...) But I'm too lazy to move all my links over.

Books coming out in trade is almost as annoying as when authors make the jump to HC. :)