Without a Sound by Carla Cassidy

Haley Lambert has moved back to her Kansas City childhood home to care for her orphaned niece, Molly-and to find the monster who murdered her own sister. Molly may have witnessed her mother's murder, but whatever the little girl saw on that fateful night, she isn't talking. Now, with the killer still loose, another game of hide-and-seek is about to begin.

I read this one over two lunch hours at work. It's a nice fast-paced romantic suspense, though a bit on the average side. Average isn't bad, but it wasn't a book I wanted to tell everyone that they must read it.

The mystery/suspense element here is nicely done. I certainly didn't guess who the bad guy was. I also really enjoyed how Haley and Molly interacted. Haley's more of a nomad and her sister was definitely a homebody, so Haley's definitely got her hands full dealing with everything. Grey, the hero, is a former child therapist/psychologist (I really can never remember the differences) and consults with the police, but doesn't do any therapy anymore for reasons that are later revealed in the book. I really liked the back story on the main characters as it all worked for me.

What makes this only an average grade is the romance. It's a decent sort of romance, and by the end of the story I believed in their HEA, I still thought that there wasn't enough face time between them. I wanted more between them. But there wasn't anything that really stood out as being bad. I did enjoy reading the book. And will still definitely read future Carla Cassidy books since I've enjoyed all of hers that I've read.


HelenKay Dimon said...

I had the exact same reaction to this one. Liked it, read through it very quickly, but wasn't sucked in by the romance the way I wanted to be.

I will try another one by her just to see. Could be she's a stronger suspense writer or that that's where she now puts her focus.

Nicole said...

I liked The Perfect Family and Promise Him Anything.