Mini-vacations, they are fun

Ah...time to head back to work after my mini-vacation.

I met Jane! And she is even more fabulous and put-together than I expected. With great fashion sense, too. I loved the red shirt she had. It was definitely fun to chat about books and blog topics. Even the RT brouhaha got mentioned. And as much of what Jane said made sense, I'll continue my RT subscription. I knew waiting to make a decision about that until I had more information was the right thing. I also got to finally see a Sony Ebook reader in person. Love the e-ink. Sadly, DH isn't really the kind of engineer to engineer a light for it, but since he's useful in so many other ways, I'll keep him. And I may have to take a cue from her and buy more books in ebook form. It would certainly help the shelf space issue I have. And yes, it really is an issue. Will be on the lookout for better readers

But oh, somehow I confused the Dubuque Borders with the Des Moines one. No wonder Jane was surprised when I said I liked Borders so much over the BN (though in general I like the Borders group more because they have sales, BN, not so much). BN is definitely much bigger there. But I did have coupons for Borders, so needed to go there anyways. And got some fabulous books. Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swendson, Quantum Gravity: Keeping It Real by Justina Robson (an impulse purchase that I know nothing about other than it looked interesting), He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Stephanie Rowe, Bobbie Faye's Very (very very very) Bad Day by Toni McGee Causey (bought because the videos were hilarious. Guess those things do work on occasion) and Dying To Call You by Elaine Viets. Also picked up All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz from HPB after Jane rec'ed it while we were in Borders. Thanks! I look forward to reading it.

DH and I also went to the zoo and had great fun there. I'll download my pictures later tonight and post some. Baby wallaby! So cute.

Just finished up The Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones. Almost done with Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep.

Now on to work. Ugh. Eh, won't be too bad. I'd just rather stay at home. But that would involve paccking, since there is less than two weeks left now. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH


Kristie (J) said...

I think I'll be meeting Jane and Sybil in real life soon too - just waiting for vacation confirmation from work and *squeaaalllll* OMG - I am so looking forward to meeting both of them!!
I would so love to meet everyone in blog-land in person!!!!!

Nicole said...

OOoh....where are you going to meet them?

Jane said...

I had a great time with you, Nic, and your sweet hubby. I ended up not getting He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (the line was too long) but I am going to pick up the ecopy. :)

It's so nice to talk romances in person.

Kaitlin said...

I'm so pissed off! Damsel Under Stress is nowhere to be found in this ridiculous city! Argh! :( I can't wait to read it. Since my favorite Borders closed, I had to go the one in Downtown Portland & IT SUCKS! Horribly disorganized & just bad. :( But, the girl was nice enough to tell me that when they get in their copies, she'll hold it for me, plus extend the %30 off coupon I had towards it. Yay me! :)