Trouble sleeping

So, I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. Ravished by Amanda Quick was getting pretty good, but I finally stopped reading about 1 a.m. since I did have to work this morning. But then I couldn't sleep. So like usual I occupy my brain with some random scene, only to find myself mentally rewriting and rewriting the thing. Just had to get all the right words. In my head. Late at night. Bah. Very annoying. But kinda makes me want to actually have the drive and motivation to write some of the stuff in my head down.

And I'm heading out of town end of the week. And I get to meet Jane! Of Dear Author! So very cool. Jane, you do know there will have to be at least one picture, right?

Also reading a Superromance at work. The Boy Next Door or something like that. Pretty good. I'd read The Baby Wait the other week and really enjoyed it. I'd forgotten about that.

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