I'm blogging!

Oh yes indeedy I am. Aren't you surprised?

Well, house and work and a few sickness/injuries have made for less time to think about blogging.

Last week I did something to my left hand and was in some rather nasty pain for the 4th. Ended up not being able to use it that day and went to the doctor the day after. Got some x-rays and doctor wasn't quite sure what was wrong other than that I had some tissue swelling. She thinks it's probably an allergic reaction to something. So I got to take benadryl and some anti-inflammatory she prescribed. And it's much MUCH better now. But damn, it was hard to shelve books at work one-handed.

On the yard front: burdock is a serious bitch to remove. And I hate japanese beetles.

On the house front: Things are going pretty well. Bought a bed for the guest room so the in-laws can stay here when they visit. Which is this weekend! yay!

And husband has to have an MRI done on Thursday. So we get to spend part of our 4th anniversary in the hospital. How romantic. Anyways, I've decided to think that the doctor is just doing this "just to be sure it's nothing" and that there isn't anything seriously wrong with DH.

Oh....I got my Sony Reader. OMG, it's the coolest thing ever. I loooooooove it. Love it Love it Love it. It is so cool. Though I have to exchange the nice green leather cover I got for it. Seems they inserted one of the magnets upside down. Idiots. Otherwise, the Reader is awesome.

On the reading front: Reading Tempting by Susan Mallery on the Reader and finished reading Bizenghast (manga) on it. Reading Dante's Girl by Natasha Rhodes at work and also read the first volume of Tramps Like Us.


Dance Chica said...

What did you think of Tramps Like Us? I've been thinking of picking that up.

Glad to hear your hand is better and I hope all goes well with the MRI on Thursday. :-)

Nicole said...

I rather liked Tramps Like Us. It was different than the usual fantasy stuff I've picked up in the past, but still good.

Erin said...

Hope everything turns out alright with the hubby. What is a Sony Reader?