What's been going on

Well, my hand healed. We suspect it may have been caused by nettles in the garden and that seems most likely, but I never had a rash and the swelling lasted for days. So who knows what happened.

My in-laws came to visit this last weekend and we worked on the yard. It looks great now except for the weeds in the lawn that will need to be killed.

Had thunderstorms all last night. Had to turn the computer off. Okay, actually the storm turned the computer off, but I didn't turn it back on. Gambit spent most of the time under the couch in the basement. Poor kitty. Although now he's in fine form and is trying to get me to feed him.

It's my day off. I'm trying to read the new Karin Slaughter, Beyond Reach, but just haven't been in the mood, it seems. Also got NR's High Noon from the library to read. Hmmm...can't remember what I am/was reading from work. Bad me. Also read Decision at Doona by Anne McCaffrey. Read it a long time ago. Finished Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong last night. And reading Fire Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow on my ppc. And almost done with Soul Song by Marjorie Liu, which is fantastic, by the way. So's the Saintcrow one, actually. And the Armstrong.

Well, time for me to get supper made. TTYL.

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