Secrets Rising by Suzanne McMinn

Oooh...a review. A real review. Or at least a post about a book that is more than a few lines.

Secrets Rising by Suzanne McMinn is the first in the new Haven series.

Keely Schiffer is having the strangest day. There's the skull in her rose garden and she receives a gift from her dead husband. Then an earthquake hits, and Keely's trapped with a handsome, gun-toting stranger.

Detective Jake Malloy heard that nothing bad ever happened in the town of Haven, but his so-called R & R has turned into a nightmare. Except for being stuck in a dark cellar with a sexy woman till help arrives. For Keely and Jake, near-death stokes hidden fires, but the earthquake seems hell-bent on stirring up all the people of Haven, past and present…

Secrets Rising was a really quick read. I think all told it took me a little over an hour to read it. Sadly, that was a good thing. There wasn't really anything compelling about the plot. I remember pausing halfway through and thinking "huh, where's my story?". Not a good thing. Keely's got the predictably bad former husband and Jake's a burned-out cop who feels bad about an incident with his partner and is taking a hiatus in what's supposed to be a quiet area. Even the paranormal aspect isn't real fleshed out, just dealing with an odd necklace and the skull in the backyard, oh and a ghost and weird lights. It just seemed tacked on and not really that interesting.

I really wish I could say something good about the story. Well, perhaps that it wasn't horribly bad. The writing was just fine and nothing jumped out at me as being truly bad, it was just that the plot kinda sucked and was boring. And well, that sucks. So sadly, I can't recommend this one.

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