Reading ADD

I cannot seem to finish much lately. I did read Demon's are a Ghoul's Best Friend by Victoria Laurie and really enjoyed it, but I still have Strangers in Death half-read and usually I stay up late reading the new In Death book. And I started Wish Club by Kim Strickland and set it down. And Ghost of a Chance by Kate Marsh and Nylon Angel by Marianne de Pierres. And The Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro. And The Mercenary by Cherry Adair. So hmmm....I want to finish these!

And bah, Gambit's dumping things off the desk and getting hair all over my monitor! And yes, the picture is of Tux, not Gambit. But it's still cute!

Oh, I did buy Grimspace by Ann Aguirre yesterday. So far it's quite good. So maybe it is helping my reading problem.

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Nancy Henderson said...

I totally understand about cat hair on the monitor. Mine's swishing her tail across mine as I type!