Blog changes

Okay, so as you can see, I changed my template. And as you can see, I did it myself (even my sorta spiffy kitty header). So please, let me know if there are any problems so I can attempt to fix them.


Laura said...

I think your blog looks wonderful! I like the blue, and the kitty header of Gambit and Tux is so cute. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but being a shy girl has kept me from leaving any comments. I'm especially a fan of Gambit, and remember the picture of him asleep on your copy of Marjorie M. Liu's romance Shadow Touch. My cat likes to sit on my book while I'm trying to read it!

Nicole said...

Thanks, Laura.

Yeah, cats like to get in the way when we're doing things. I swear Tux doesn't understand the idea of moving when we're carrying stuff down the stairs.