Bound by Shadow by Anna Windsor


Title: Bound by Shadow
Author: Anna Windsor
Published Date: June 2008
Series: The Dark Crescent Sisterhood - Book One
Rating: DNF
Previous books of author enjoyed (if any): Arda series from Ellora's Cave written as Annie Windsor
New to me author?: No


Falling for a demon can be hazardous to your heart.

Riana Dumain is a fully trained Sibyl, a warrior priestess battling
evil whose practical magic keeps her grounded in earthly
science--and desires. She knows that gorgeous NYPD detective Creed Lowell is dangerous, and possibly a foot soldier for the evil Legion cult, using his badge and drop-dead looks to consolidate demonic power.

Creed's low profile Occult Crimes Unit pulls Riana and her two sister Sibyl into the case of a politician's son, murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice. Soon, Riana's instincts prove true. Creed, the hottest half-human she's ever known, a demon in bed and out, is guarding a trapdoor to hell. And unless Riana can find a way to tame her mystery man's treacherous inner self (and her heart), all of Manhattan may be enveloped by darkness.


I really tried to finish this one, I really did.  But when you find yourself only reading a few pages at a time and easily putting it down, perhaps now is not the time to read it.  So I'm sending this one back to Paperspine.  I enjoyed her Arda series when I was first reading erotic romance and so was looking forward to this series to see how she did writing for the big leagues. 


Riana's supposed to be a big, bad, strong woman, but I really didn't get that impression.  She's strong in some ways, but the way she just melts with Creed just doesn't mesh with how I thought her character should go.  Yeah, that pesky paranormal attraction is probably going on, but this time it just wasn't working for me and actually annoyed me.  Not really the reaction I'm sure I am supposed to get.  But for those interested, it is a hot book.  Definitely could go with the erotic romance tag. 

I did like Creed, though.  Especially the few interactions with his partner.  Very funny.  And the "thing" inside him is very intriguing and I keep wanting to know what it really is and how it will be important for the story.  Just not enough to actually continue reading.  Quite frankly, I got kinda bored. Not a whole lot seemed to be happening and I was about a quarter into the book.  And it's a big book. 

I suppose that would be another question, what's with books getting bigger again?  THis one, Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves (currently reading and it's SO good), and Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen are the first three books I got from Paperspine and they all seem bigger than the books I've been seeing around.  Good trend, if in fact it is a trend and not just some fluke. 


Karen Scott said...

I've only ever read one book by Windsor, and that was a DNF also. The problem? It was dull as hell.

Nicole said...

Then definitely don't bother with this one. On the other hand, Nightkeepers is so far a good paranormal.