My cats, they are under the couch

Well, Gambit is, anyways. The weather is storming here and he hates the thunder. Well, scared out of his mind is more like it.

Am borrowing Linda Howard's Death Angel from my manager at work and so far I'm enjoying it. But I'm not real far into it yet, Drea's just starting her escape at the moment.

It's nasty sticky hot here and only getting hotter. I want winter back.

Oh, changed a few things around in the library, so I'll have to post pictures soon.


caitlin said...

Hi Nicole,
I am new to the book blog thingie,and I have you on my to- read-blog list, if that's ok.
The title of your post caught my eye. Have you ever read /heard of the book 'All My Patients Are Under The Bed', by Dr. Louis J. Camuti (1980)? He was a cat veterinarian in New York City who made house calls. It is one of my favorite books, and not just because I have 3 cats!

caitlin said...

Oops, forgot to mention I finished Fire and Ice. It was exciting right down to the very end. That Reno's a good guy to have around. :o)

Nicole said...

I've heard of that book, but I haven't read it. Perhaps I will see if there's a copy at work.