I'm a moody mess. And a few other things

Oh yes I am. Moody is me. So off to the doctor for me. or at least to make an appt tomorrow. I think my hormones are out of whack. I feel like PMS all the time. Doesn't help work, doesn't help home. So off to ask the wizard, er, doctor. Maybe a BC change will help. Or back to zoloft. But I don't really want to go back on zoloft. So who knows. Bleck, no one really cares, but writing this is rather cathartic.

I think my word of the year needs to be "Connect". Connect with friends, family, co-workers, husband, cats, job, life, environment....all those things.

Note: I wrote most of this last night and posted it on Myspace, but I figured I'd post it here too. Of course now I feel better, but that's mood swings for you. Who knows how I'll be an hour or a day from now. I did make a doctor's appt. and will go later this week. And had a dentist appointment this morning. And have fillings that need to be replaced. Yuck. Oh well. And there's new paint-on fluoride treatment and I'm not supposed to brush my teeth tonight. The idea of that kinda boggles my mind, but that's what she said. It feels all weird on my teeth. But other than the filling replacements, things are good. I always feel so fabulous coming out of the dentist here.

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