It's a sickness, I tell you!


So I have too many books. Yes, I do. Really. I'm 28 and I do not need to already have this many books. New books come out every month. I will continue to buy new books. Therefore I need to have less books right now.

Easier said than done. Certain authors I tell myself I must keep, like Marjorie Liu, Alison Kent, Jill Shalvis, Meljean Brook, C.J. Barry (actually most of my futuristic romances because they don't make many of them anymore, eden though most of the stories probably suck), Susan Donovan, Linda Winstead Jones, Cindy Gerard (local author), Julia Quinn, Robin D. Owens, P.C. Cast, Mary Balogh, Erin McCarthy and more....these take up space!!!!

And even though I love my ebooker read to pieces, I still love physical books. I have this unnatural attachment to them. I love just standing in this disastrously messy room and seeing them on shelves and in piles. Yet am I really enjoying them if I haven't read many of them? Is it the thrill of the purchase and the joy of ownership that I am attached to rather than the words inside? I want to have more of my books as ebooks, yet I have this unnatural thought that if I give up a book that's hard to find, I won't ever find it again if/when I decide to read it. But is that really so terrible? That I miss a few books? I have plenty to read, it's not like my world will be so very awful if I can't read that one book.

So I'm going to really try to pare things down. So what if that book on the shelf is hard to find? If I'm not interested in reading it, do I really need it?

I've decided to start with a crate of books that I'm so-so on. I want to read them, but they haven't caught my interest lately, or they are ones that others have said that they like the author, so I grabbed them, or I bought them because they are ones that I don't see much of at work. If at the end of this year I haven't read them, off they go. I'll post the list later. So I guess that'll be one of my reading challenges.

And I really pledge to buy more ebooks and less print books. So publishers, help me on this. Don't wait to put out the ebook after the print book hits the stores. And don't price it more than the print book.

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