Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm home from my trip to Minneapolis. Had a good time even though the hotel the first night sucked and we refused to spend another night there. Ended up within walking distance of the Mall of America at another hotel in the same chain, which was nice since that's where we spent Saturday afternoon(at the mall, not the hotel). It was HOT.

Good thing that we did the Minneapolis zoo in the morning. Was also nice since many of the animals were active then. Forgot my camera at home, so no pictures.

Spent six hours at the mall. My feet hurt. Went on the Ripsaw rollercoaster that's in the middle of the mall with DH while my MIL and SIL went to BN and MIL bought Harry Potter 6. I'll read it next time I see her, I'm sure. She's my source for Harry Potter books. ANd you know, the biggest mall in America and I just bought two books and a tank top that was on clearance at the Gap. Bought Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle and Family Inheritance by Deborah LeBlanc. Also finished Jinn by Matthew B.J. Delaney and started and finished Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie. Not sure what I'm going to read next.

Also...women/girls with large chests should NOT wear those silly shrug sweaters. I saw them ALL over at the mall. Ick.

the Burnsville Country Inn and Suites is not recommended. Ugh...rattling a/c, sticky carpet, and in the morning, I spent ten minutes soaking wet wrapped in a towel on the bed with shampoo in my hair because the damn shower lost hot water AND intermittently was losing water pressure. I NEED my hot shower in the mornings. Luckily the one next to the MOA was quite nice.


Wendy said...

I so hear you on the sweaters! My pet peeve is women with belly flab who wear low-rise jeans. Every time I see belly fat spilling over a waist band I want to find Britney Spears and beat the crap out of her.....

Can you tell I'm feeling a mite crappy this evening? Maybe I should rant over on my own blog instead of hijacking yours? :-)

Suzanne said...

Welcome back!!! LOL about the sweaters!

sybil said...

welcome home!

Nicole said...

Ack...the belly rolling over the jeans! Ick. Don't these girls realize it adds ten or twenty pounds? I don't get it. Is it that they can't bear the idea of wearing a higher size or just that it looks good?

McVane said...

My pet hate on the streets? Young men's jeans that hang off their THIGHS. Not their hips or such, but thighs with their long tops hanging down. I always had to resist my temptation to rush to them and yank their jeans up, and tell them to get a belt or something.

Welcome! :)