Perfection, Unappreciated, and Humidity

DH had a gift card with only a few bucks on it, so he gave it to me. I bought Perfection by Summer Devon with the remainder and read it last night.

In it, Bryan is on the run from hormone-crazed women and the lab that is causing him to be irresistible to women. He meets Allie in a bar where he's hiding (hoping that all the testosterone will mask him) and they hit it off. Allie doesn't force herself on him like all the other women, but it's obvious to both of them that she's seriously attracted to him. When men in black show up looking for Bryan, they both go on the run together in search of "the perfect woman" who can shut off Bryan's overactive pheromones.

Perfection is about 101 pdf pages, which puts it at about a category length book. It's quite cute and reminds me of a good Harlequin Blaze (I mean this as a compliment). Allie has made some bad decisions involving men in the past, so she isn't apt to act on her sexual desires, yet she just can't resist Bryan and he seems like such a nice guy (really, he does). Bryan thought he'd make some easy money as a lab rat, never thinking that they'd actually succeed in forcing his pheromones into overdrive. Now he just wants to find the perfect woman so he can sleep with her and put his hormones to rest. He doesn't expect to find a woman like Allie on the way.

This is a fun, sexy contemporary and I do recommend it. I enjoyed the characters and thought that by the end of the story they had a good chance of staying together despite how quickly they get together.

Now on to the Queen of the Vampires!

Undead and Unappreciated is a really quick read and although there's not a lot of substance, it is still fun to read. I'd be seriously ticked if I'd bought it in hardback though (this was from the library). Nothing really happens other than Betsy learns she has a half-sister who's the daughter of the devil, the devil is a woman and wears killer shoes, the fiends may get better, Betsy and Sinclair's relationship is furthered and I think that's about it. Oh, and the Ant is pregnant. It's more like an episode in a sitcom than a fully-realized story. And if you hadn't read the previous books, you'd be seriously lost. I enjoyed reading it, but there's no way I'm buying something this short in hardback. It's fluff, fun fluff, but fluff all the same.

Humidity....oh my, it's going to be hot out. And HUMID. At least it's slighly better than it was an hour ago when it was 72 degrees with a 71 degree dewpoint. Ick. Now it's 79, dewpoint 69 and we have a high of 90 for today. Going to run out when this post is finished to the bank and the library (to pick up HP6 and Origin in Death). After that, there's no way I'm going out again!!!!!!!!!!

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