Blind Date Disasters and Eat Your Heart Out by Jill Shalvis

Maybe I should actually count this as two books in my list, but I won't. *g* I picked up this Duets at the library last week. After finishing up Spicing It Up by Tanya Michaels (review will be done shortly), I was in the mood for more light-heartedness. I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed both these stories. Cami and Dimi Anderson are twins and each story deals with how they find love. Cami's story is Blind Date Disasters.

Cami Anderson has just recently become an interior decorator and thinks that her home should echo the image she's trying to portray to her clients. She hires a master carpenter to do the work. She doesn't expect Tanner McCall, who's one hot, hot guy. In between having her home ripped apart and hopefully put back together better than before, she also has a series of really bad blind dates. Cami has a problem saying no (mostly to her mother) and Tanner notices this. It drives him nuts because she seems like such a great woman who should be asserting herself more often.

There are some very funny moments and some very romantic ones like when Tanner finishes up her bedroom and lights candles all around it. Of course, the paint is still wet...which is part of a funny, but sexy moment. This was just such a cute romantic comedy. Now I want more and look...there's another story!

Eat Your Heart Out is Dimi's story. She's a TV chef with a local show that isn't competing well opposite a trashy Jerry Springer-esque show. Their company wants to boost ratings and brings in a troubleshooter/producer by the name of Mitchell Knight. He thinks she needs to add some fun and sex appeal to the show, which does NOT go down well with Dimi. But it's deal with Mitchell and his demands or she's out of a job. Mitchell changes her on-air wardrobe and also stars as her assistant. The combo of lust and good food makes the ratings sky-rocket, but Dimi just ends up frustrated since she does not want to be attracted to Mitchell, especially when he's not even there to stay.

Another fun story. I think I liked the first one better, but this one was still really fun to read. There are some seriously funny scenes and I definitely think Dimi should have thought of a lined bra to hide those headlights she got around Mitchell. Poor woman. Not to mention a wrap dress becoming undone on-air...

So...if you want something fun and light, try finding this one.

It's odd how I enjoy reading romantic comedies, but I really don't like to watch them. I'm really sad that Flipside is going since all the ones that I've read lately, I've really enjoyed (yes, I know this book was a Duets, but hey). Is romantic comedy not as popular lately? It's definitely what I've been in the mood for this last week. Does anyone have any recommendations? Old, new, I don't care. Just something light, sexy, and funny.


Alyssa said...

I have this in my TBR list. Nice to know it will be a fun read . . . when I get to it.


BJ Deese said...

Want something sexy and funny? Read Sandra Hill's Cajun series! OMG, I've read three and they are AWESOME!!! You HAVE to read these.

Jay said...

I read almost exclusively romantic comedy/light & fluffy.

I second the vote for Sandra Hill. I haven't started the cajun series yet but I've read half of her timetravel viking series and Frankly My Dear, which is timetravel back to the Old South.

The AAR people seem to hate it but I loved The Corset Diaries by Katie MacAlister. Oddly enough that was the only thing I liked by her so maybe it was a fluke.

Karen L. King's Wedding series are funny historicals.

Kasey Michaels writes historicals and contemps and is usually light & fluffy if not laugh out loud funny.

I'll try to think of more.

Nicole said...

Two for the Cajun series, must start it. I have Tall, Dark, and Cajun around here somewhere. I also have The Corset Diaries and some others of MacAlister's to read.

Thanks all! Feel free to recommend more.

Wendy said...

The problem with comedy is that it is subjective. Romantic comedy as a romance sub genre very often fails me because the heroines come off as TSTL.

You can be funny, and not be stupid - but so often that is what happens to these heroines. So since I hate reading about stupid people - I avoid romantic comedy almost entirely.

Is it fair to lump an entire sub genre in with all the bad eggs? No - but I've been burned one too many times.

Nicole said...

I think what I liked about this Duets is that I didn't notice any TSTL moments. Funny, but honestly, things that could happen to anyone.

But I do understand where you're coming from. I just want something light-hearted.

Suzanne said...

Oh, I hadn't thought of those in forever, but I loved both of those stories!! I liked Duets, too.

Lori Devoti said...

Just want to say Yay for romantic comedy!! I'm reading Get Bunny Love right now. It's great. (Kath is a friend of mine, but I wouldn't mention it if I didn't truly like it. :) )I've heard good things about Erin McCarthy too, but haven't read anything by her yet. Mouth to Mouth is in my TBR stack, and her new one A Date with The Other Side sounds really intriguing.